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Some recent stuff from me. Hope you like them!

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Recent artwork that I liked. Which have intrigued and amazed me, inspired me, made me smile, and boosted my creativity.

Perhaps your artwork might be in here too? :-)



The Witcher's Dilemma
It was a dark and stormy evening - a crimson dusk rapidly falling into the dark depths of a dismal night.

The heavy gusts of the sudden storm whiplashed across the little island, and thunder clapped overhead with a frightening resounding irregularity. The foaming waves of the churning sea shrieked and crashed on the rocky beach with baleful intent. The dreadful rain fell like an endless curtain - wet, cold, dismal and enveloping everything into its creeping darkness.

Geralt the Witcher caressed the silken mane of his fidgeting horse Roach. As Geralt squinted across the open sea, he just could see the hazy silhouette of a lighthouse on the far shore. To his weather-beaten and tired mind, it looked like a phallic joke - a crude vulgar symbol of pompous wealth and splendor, in an era of war, strife, poverty and misery. But it was surely the Novigrad lighthouse. He had travelled by boat from Velen, enroute to Novigrad, so it must be the city's lighthouse and none other. Here he was now, on this small island on a probably failed quest to rid it of a ghostly presence - neither did he find any supernatural creature, nor did any thing find him here. But this forsaken place was spooky and lonely all the same, and the weird unnatural weather was started to get on his nerves. Roach was probably just absorbing and mimicking his own nervous tension.

Geralt had to admit he was tense. The heirarch of the free city of Novigrad, Cyrus Engelkind Hemmelfart, was expecting him on the morrow. The appointment with the reclusive and recalcitrant ruler had been tough to secure, but Geralt needed to further improve his relations with the various authorities of Regania (who mistrusted Novigrad's growing influence and control), and though he wasn't prone to flattery, he had realised that he would need to meet the heirarch, to seek more work in this region.

But the local fishermen had reported some strange sightings on this island, and his own curiosity and sense of adventure had brought him here to this little island, on what was to have been a quick scouting and witching expedition. He had suspected it could be a nightwraith, so now he was waiting for the dusk to fade into the night. He didn't fear any wraiths - in his experience, these anguished lost souls tended to be more hurt than hurtful, unless they were a victim of brutal violence turning them into vengeful specters of evil rage & mindless ferocity.

But he was worried more about the storm and the sea. His little boat was bobbing quite heavily at the beach, though he had secured it safely. He knew his way on land and water, and his witching senses were thankfully not dulled yet with time and age. He had not counted on the storm however, which had arrived suddenly with an almost unnatural vehemence to its darkness and behavior. If it was somehow an evil phenomenon, it was nothing he had ever encountered before, so he needed to be utmost alert and ready. This trip could turn out to be a deadly mistake.

Preying on his mind was also how quickly he could get to Novigrad. He could perhaps brave the storm, and stow his boat's sails, and somehow it row out to the lighthouse. But the lighthouse that looked like a flickering beacon of hope in this storm, was actually a strong warning. It likely meant that there were submerged rocks near the bay, and he had no intention of crashing on any reefs without undue cause. Yet any prolonged delay here on the island, would mean a night spent cold and wet for him and his faithful steed, and probably a missed appointment with the heirarch. And that fiasco would be not easy to explain or rectify.

He seemed to be making a habit of letting down royalty. The emperor Emhyr var Emreis had tasked him to find his daughter Ciri, who was also Geralt's adopted ward. Geralt had been trying to track her down for a long time now, and he was very worried about her. He would be the last person to admit - but he missed her. Missed her mirthful laughter and her kiddish pranks to test his patience and training. She would almost be a grown woman now, and she was alone out in the cruel world. But she too was a survivor. Those arduous years of training must have served her well. She was not making it easy to be found. But as he had sniffed down the people, dead monsters and incidents left in her wake, he had realised she was no frail damsel in distress. Nay, she was a good combatant and a budding witch in her own right. And perhaps she knew he would be seeking her, but she did not tarry anywhere. A beautiful, ambitious woman-child with magical powers, travelling alone across a land torn asunder with strife, mayhem and bloodshed. She was a powerful magnet for trouble. And trouble would find her, and try her. Here there be monsters. Monsters of both kinds - deadly creatures with magical powers, and powerful men with deadly intent and deadlier influence. Her meandering trail had brought him towards Novigrad. There were people he needed to question, and questions that needed answers, and answers that needed more actions. Sometimes he felt his whole life was one long, lonely, endless hunt.

Roach gently nudged Geralt, and brought him out of his gloomy thoughts. Roach was a good friend, a rare breed of courage, kindness, loyalty and friendship indeed. Mutants and outcasts, both of them. Roach had probably sensed his downcast mood, and despite the storm, Roach stood here steadfast with him - against all that nature and life threw their way. And fight back they two would - they always did - survivors, to their last breath.

What Geralt needed now was something he could take to the heirarch as a rightful tribute. Something the insecure heirarch could proudly show off in his royal court, to awe his ministers and minions, and hopefully thanking Geralt for services rendered to the region (and most likely, cunningly & greedily trying to influence and control the witcher).

What Geralt the wretched Witcher needed now, was a wretched little monster.

SOURCE: Screenshot (enhanced) from the PC game The Witcher 3, © CD Projekt RED.
The Sirens ~ Tempting Fate
As I strolled along the winding streets of picturesque and delightful Bristol city hunting for a peaceful dinner and some friendly conversation, I unexpectedly encountered an exquisite and captivating sight.

An intricate mural of three beautiful women was painted on the exterior wall of an cosy little inn at a random street corner.

The mural somehow seemed to exude an aura of old-world charm and subtle danger.. like a haunting song of exotic and deadly sirens lurking enticingly in their haven, to lure and mermerise any unwary visitor.

There was also an underlying sense of sad expectation -- as if these sirens had almost given up hope of ever meeting their hero(ine), and when I finally arrived there, perhaps they were wondering if I was real, and whether I was indeed their chosen one, their destiny -- the one who would break their cursed captivity, and take them away to freedom, happiness and everlasting love.

Tempting Fate

darkness is my lover
poetry is my soul
music is my heartbeat
therefore, i am whole

women cause my madness
goddess of my dreams
i would be the satyr
to their fantasies, it seems

would that i could love them
not so much in vain
tempt my flesh and kill my spirit
fever to my brain

weave your tender magic
touch my very core
witchcraft to imagination
all i crave is more

sirens sweetly singing
call me to the need
falling ever deeper
they touch my very creed

so many gentle lovers
the hour is growing late
and yet i seem to acquiesce
whenever i tempt fate
~WolfSpirit (

Wild Wind Warrior Woman (Inspired by three different women)

She wore the wild winds
Like wasps in her hair
Flinging locks furiously
Letting them settle
Wherever they will
Long and gorgeous
Raven black and full

Crushed poisonous rose petals
To further blush her bloodied lip
Knees scraped with grand adventures
Arms bruised with strange activities
Feral and fearless
Catlike climber with such feline agility

No landscape was to daunting
No night life to haunting
Just beauty and wonder
Seeing her eyes wander
Seeing each stone turned over
Seeing each sea shell collected
And carefully inspected

No tea parties
No fashion runways
No mindless musings
About prince charmings
Princesses or queens
But books and dreams
Scarlet schemes
Rivers and streams
That ran as far as she could see

She watched it all
Each daring doe that darted by
Each bird that perched or took flight
Each fish that shimmered searching nearby streams

Nature was her discovery
Life was her poetry

As the oceans battered the shores
As the tundras whitened the landscape
As the stone strewn pathways
Searched for new towns
As the mountains strained to touch the clouds
The wild wind warrior woman
Conquered it all

~ Graff1980

Three Steps Behind

three steps behind
She'll be there
until your ghosts finally disappear
three steps behind
She'll be watching
your shadow walk away
and your feet leave their tracks
then finally fade into the crowd
three steps behind
she will turn her back, yes she can too
three words, a beautiful sound
one two three, I loved you

~ Lizley

Photo/image copyright: myself
Street mural copyright: Zesk, Bristol
Location: Three Tuns pub near Partition Street, Bristol city, United Kingdom
Camera Used: Rear cam of Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Poems source:
(All poems listed here are copyrighted / owned by their originals authors).
Dusk Dreams ~ Voyage into Adventure
As the soft bells chiming from a church reminded me it was time to go home, something tugged at me like a memory from a forgotten dream, and anchored me to the spot. My tired gaze roamed lazily across the cityscape silhouetted by the glorious evening light. Then I perked up in all earnestness, as I realised what my subconscious was highlighting as incongruous about the scene unveiled in front of me.

The soaring spire of the church stood steadfast and alone, and its rhythmic bells were ringing with regularity - the steadfastness, loneliness and regularity of a humdrum life in the city.

But as the dreamy colours of the scintillating sunset cascaded like effervescent ripples across the tangled sail-ropes and towering masts of the gently swaying ship that lay moored temporarily at the riverside, I felt the sudden urge to chuck away my humdrum life and go sailing away into the sunset. The ship was like a beguiling siren - a beacon to an overpowering desire, enticing eager souls into a romantic tryst with a vintage era.

An era when mere voyages became epic adventures; where daily life was reckless, dangerous and tempestuous; where bonhomie and strife went hand in hand with every vocation and vacation; when lofty ambitions uncovered and captivated mysterious lands, strange creatures and stranger peoples. Where dreams and desires wove your destiny itself.

I stirred from my reverie, and with a forlorn sigh and a lingering glance, I trudged the long way back home. Back to my humdrum life. One day, perhaps one day, I promised myself, I shall follow and fulfill the desire awakened and kindled in me.

To forget all my worries and sail away into the sunset.

Photo/image Copyright: myself.
Location: The Waterfront, Bristol, United Kingdom.
Camera used: Rear cam of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
I'm on a photography spree these days, so watch out for some more interesting stuff being shared! :D
Memories of Eventide - Twilight of Tranquility
A lone seagull flies swiftly away, as the fading twilight is brilliantly mirrored on the tranquil lake. As I walk away in sheer awe, simply humbled by this majestic sight, I think it will be just a few more moments, until only the memories of this beautiful eventide shall remain in my heart.

Photograph Copyright: myself.
Location: Dovestone Reservoir, Oldham, United Kingdom
Camera: Rear cam of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 mobile.
Lakeside Creek - Enchanted Brook
It was an enchanted, sacred little glade I had wandered into. The melting snows from the mountains nearby had carved a winding passage through the woods and led the rivulet through a rugged creek flowing into the mountain lake.

As I stood gawking at the beauty of the environs, I could almost feel the twinkling magic in the soft breeze.

The green woods, the gurgling brook, the ripples in the lake, the sighing breeze... were all saying something to me... hearkening me back to a bygone era.. an era when magic and nature and mystery were one and the same.. when mythical creatures, forgotten legends and ancient magical powers were as real as the gentle kiss from a lover...

It was a gathering place I had stumbled onto. Where the myths became reality, and fantasy was no longer relegated to my dreams.

As I closed my eyes and strove to delve into the past, I could almost feel....

The hushed whispers and mischievous giggles of the teasing fairies as they spread their tiny wings and flew and perched on the mossy boughs and the damp rocks, as they slyly peeked at me with curiosity and shyness. 

The flickering fireflies, fluttering colourful butterflies and flitting dragonflies. The chirps of the forest birds as they displayed their beautiful plumage and twittered and warbled their welcome songs. The bunny rabbits sniffing and peeking out of their burrows, and then gamboling & hopping gleefully across the glade.  The croaks of the frogs and toads that basked on the lily-pads and splashed in the creek. 

The sensual sighs and croons of the enticing water nymphs. The solemn silence of the elemental golems. The cackling taunts of the gnomes and the pranks of the pesky leprechauns. The irksome bickering and chitter-chatter of the goblins. The hoots of the watchful owls, as rats & mice squeaked and scattered in the forest undergrowth. The coughing barks of the grazing deer.  The screeches of the shadowy bats aroused from their roosts. The occasional howl of the prowling wolves, and the glowing eyes of a werewolf on a moonlit hunt.  

The thrum of the steadfast spells weaved by the wood elves. The pungent smells of the witches' brews and alchemists' potions. The growls and screeches of the forest animals summoned by the shamans and druids. The rhythmic chants and pagan rituals of the Celtic monks. The drunken singing of the dwarves as they sang in chorus of the epic lores of the ages past. The winking flights of the will o' the wisps.

Everything was in harmony, and in this enchanted place, every denizen was at peace.

I woke up from my daydream, and I realised. The magic was real.

The magic was real. It was in the air, the trees, the water, the soil, the sky, the insects and other denizens of the wild. I was away from all my fears, burdens, worries and troubles. All was right in the world.

In the lap of mother nature, I was finally at peace.

Photograph Copyright: myself.
Location: Lake District, Cumbria, United Kingdom.
Camera: Rear cam of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 mobile.
Twilight Lake
Let's enjoy a relaxing evening stroll alongside this gorgeous lake, shall we?

(There's also a wonderful waterfall and creek nearby this lake. Must visit again!)

Photograph Copyright: myself.
Location: Lake District, Cumbria, United Kingdom.
Camera used: Rear cam of Samsung Note 4 mobile.
The Snowclad Mountains of Buttermere
As you drive down on the winding road towards the picturesque Lake Buttermere, your eyes and senses are thrilling with joy and turmoil.

Do you keep your eyes on the road ahead? Or stare at the vast & colourful canvas of the fading sunset welcoming you over the horizon? Would you rather close your eyes with a happy sigh as the chilly breeze caresses your face and the fresh fragrance of the recent snow and dew on the soft grass invigorates your senses? Or keep glancing at the myriad ways the soft snow blankets and drapes the undulating mountains and landscape rushing past you?

I would recommend to keep your careful eyes on the road. This is treacherous terrain, and the roads here get really slick with ice or slushy with melting snow -- that can be slippery and dangerous with even a light snowfall or cold weather! There's a deep and almost inviting abyss on one side of the road that delves hundreds of feet downwards into the foothills of this amazing mountainscape. On the other side rise these beautiful yet unpredictable mountain peaks that look almost achingly beautiful as the perfect snow-sledding slopes, yet hide the fact that their melting snow can pile onto the road suddenly overnight or even on your way back. And the road can get really narrow, which means that anytime you come across another vehicle, one of you must try to seek a safe spot along the road to park your vehicle for a few moments, while the other driver tries to cross you with heart-palpitating trepidation. But if you conquer these fears and proceed forth, you will not only reach a wonderful destination - the beautiful, serene and tranquil Lake Buttermere, but also enjoy a wonderful & memorable journey along the way. Watch out for the way back on this road though, it is just as beguiling as it is utterly bewitching!

Photograph copyright: myself.
Location:  Mountains near Lake Buttermere, Lake District, Cumbria, United Kingdom
Camera:   Olympus SP-100EE


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